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‘HUMAN FILE PROJECT’ supports and collaborates with ‘ONE EARTH MESSAGE’

‘ONE EARTH MESSAGE’ is a global project with free participation directed by Jon Lomberg, a prestigious and renown american scientific journalist and artist inspired by astronomy and space, created to make a new digital interestellar message on behalf of The Earth, elaborated by all its inhabitants, that will be brought on board the space probe NEW HORIZONS of NASA, which is actually traveling beyond Pluto and will be the next object created by a human being that will go out of the Solar System.

In 1977, NASA sent on board the two space probes Voyager two golden disks that contained an interestellar message composed of sounds and images from the whole world representing The Earth, elaborated by a reduced group of experts led by Carl Sagan and where Jon Lomberg participated as the Design Director. That message described the diversity of life existing on The Earth and functioned as a time capsule which would help hypothetical extraterrestrial beings or future humans to understand how was life in our small planet at that moment.

The ‘ONE EARTH MESSAGE’ project is a similar initiative which takes advantage of the actual technology in order to compile images, sounds or any other material, program, idea and information obtained from any part of the planet to upload to the digital memory of the space probe New Horizons launched from Earth in 2006.

Unlike the message created in 1977, the ‘ONE EARTH MESSAGE’ project will be elaborated by every person who would like to participate in it, and not only by a restricted committee of experts. The goal is to make an international search and compilation of specific images and any other type of information or material that anyone would want to propose to send. All the people of the planet who desire it could suggest their ideas for the content of the message. The finalists will be selected by online voting in various content categories.

The final message will be the result from diverse sources from all the people all around the world, thereby creating a portrait of The Earth of the second decade of the XXI century.

Who will speak in the name of The Earth? You will!

‘HUMAN FILE PROJECT’ collaborates, participates and supports this project with which it shares its global spirit.

You can also participate to this great initiative!

HUMAN FILE PROJECT is a creation founded/developed in Madrid by “Ideas Caldocardo".