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Human File Project Human File Project Human File Project
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It is a Project to develop among all a Free File of the whole Humanity, where the name and the photo of all Human Beings are collected as well as their personal stories or messages.

- Because we want to create among ourselves the greatest and the only UNIVERSAL HUMAN ENCYCLOPEDIA that includes ALL human beings.
- Because until now there has not been any free and open Universal Free File that allows all the people who want to leave proof of belonging to
a major group of people that have ever existed and who will exist, HUMANITY, providing basic data of each
person who has belonged to it, in addition to his/her personal message.
- Because we just don’t want to be a statistic or a number.
- Because we want TO PUT A FACE TO HUMANITY.

Human File Project is created as a tool to leave testimony of the existence of all the people who have existed, who exist or who will exist.

A team of people coming from different fields who, independently from their professional activity, had wanted to create a tool that allows every person to say who he is or he was, and to leave his own message, regardless of their personal or professional achievements or merits.

We individually construct Human File Project among ALL OF US. Each person is free to join and leave a testimony of his/her existence.

Human File Project is as big as the number of people who freely participate in it. Human File Project aspires to be infinite, as big as the number of people who lived, who are living and who will inhabit our planet.

Human File Project is a free and open File to ALL THE PEOPLE who want to leave testimony of their regardless of their personal or professional achievements or merits.

- Because we can construct the File of ALL THE PEOPLE who have lived, who are living and who will inhabit our planet, creating
a major and unique UNIVERSAL HUMAN ENCYCLOPEDIA of ALL human beings.
- Because with your participation you help to put a face to a major group of people who could ever exist: HUMANITY.
- Because you can leave testimony of your existence just because you exist, regardless of your successes and personal or
professional merits.
- Because you can leave an evidence of your relative's existence and friends who couldn't do it.
- Because you can search and find other participants that exist or existed, consult their data and their personal messages.
- Because only it's necessary to put your basic data that defines you: name, surname, sex, photo, date and place of birth.
In Human File Project your private data is not important.
- Because you can check data and statistics related to the people who exist and have existed throughout the planet
and at all times.
- Because you can use personalized apps.
- Because you can drop out whenever you want without showing your data.

By joining and taking part in Human File. Participation is open and free.

Yes. Only in this way Human File Project makes sense.
This tool is free because Human File Project's main aim is to serve, elaborate and manage the biggest free File of people ever created.

- The register is free, personal and voluntary.
- Human File Project's participation is non transferable. It must be done personally.
- Each contestant can only take part once, so it isn't possible to create more than one account.
- You have to be at least 14 years old to participate in Human File Project.
- Each person is responsible for data introduced.
- Human File Project doesn't include, modify or complement data. The participants do it in a voluntary and responsible way.
- All data introduced must be true and personal.
- It is forbidden to register false and fictitious identities, neither alter or copy identities. Human File Project doesn't
check the truth or the authenticity of the data introduced individually, it only checks to match
in the required format.
- It is necessary to introduce the established compulsory data in Human File Project to be part of it.
- Each person can freely edit his own data and the rest of profiles that he created.

Because what Human File Project asks you to participate, is just your identity data with the sole purpose of elaborating the biggest people’s File created. Human File Project:
- It isn't interested in your private data or privacy.
- It doesn't massively treat your data for other purpose than for statistics and for elaborating the File.
- It doesn't include, modify or complement data; participants are the ones who do it in a responsible and voluntary manner
- It doesn't transfer, sell or share to others the data of the participants with intention for commercial purposes, marketing or publicity.
- It doesn't send you spam mailing nor get in touch with you if it isn't absolutely necessary. Neither does it ask any personal data through
email nor by other means that may not be the proper application from the website.
- It has got a security system that tries to evade breach of the established rules and attend to any type of complaint.
- It puts all the reasonable means to maintain safe information given.
- It exclusively shares its information in order to comply with the law and to protect those who participate in it.

Joining and participating; Encouraging others to join in too. Besides you can collaborate by joining and managing Human Files of deceased people who had been with you (relatives or friends).
In the same manner you can collaborate with Human File Project by informing all the mistakes you find in our web, revealing false profiles or forging the identity, or by sending us any suggestions or any kind of ideas so that Human File Project may evolve.

TThe only purpose of Human File Project is to be an organized and free File of ALL the people. It doesn't want to generate communication among them. The purpose of Human File Project is to be collective, universal and go further than an individual profile data.

Human File Project is only interested in minimum data that are needed in order to elaborate an image of Humanity..
The basic data necessary to belong and be a part of Human File Project, will be public and permanently visible in the web until the user decides to finalize his/her log.
User’s details or private data are not compulsory to participate in Human File Project

Because Human File Project is not a social network and doesn't need more information than the minimum ones to elaborate the Free Humanity File.
Private data of each one is not the objective of Human File Project.

In Human File Project you can consult the identity of the registered people such as others who had voluntarily decided to incorporate. Also, you can check statistics provided by the Human File Project.

You can't know for sure.
Human File Project is a collaborative project that trusts in the people who participate in it. People participate in a free and responsible way with the intention of elaborating the Free Humanity File.
Human File Project doesn't check the veracity and authenticity of all data that people introduce individually; it only checks that the required information is adjusted

Besides, it could provide in a voluntary way links to other webs to form a more complete image of every member of the Human File Project.
These data will always be introduced by the same participant or by the one responsible in case the data belongs to a dead one.

Human File Project is still shown in its Beta version and it has already been launched in the web so that all can know it, participate and prove it, indicate errors found and send suggestions to improve it. It is an ambitious project and it will be better and more complete if many more will participate and the sooner we do it.

Human File Project is an ambitious Project and is still in its development stage, so it is correcting errors that we find among others like completing and perfecting the different parts of the project. Human File Project is incorporating fields to leave pictures that people can leave proof of their presence on the planet.

You can only obtain information to contact with someone if that person has provided voluntarily his/her data. To take part in Human File Project, it is only necessary to provide identification data, not your contact details. Remember, Human File Project isn't a social network; the objective is not to establish contact between two participants.

Because one of the basic objectives in Human File Project is to put a face to Humanity, so the photo is the basic and UNREPEATABLE characteristic that helps identify each individual within the collective, avoiding being only a number or part of a statistics.

Yes, anytime you want, in a fast way through the application. In that moment all your data will disappear.

Yes, whenever you want.

Yes, it is.
Human File Project requires every participant to write the e-mail address in order to verify that the set address is true and doesn't belong to anyone. In that address we will send you the user's name to login to Human File Project web. In this e-mail address you will receive an e-mail to confirm and finalize the participation process in Human File Project. You will have 3 days to verify your account and complete your login. After 3 days you will have to come back again to start the processing to participate. You will only receive e-mails from Human File Project notifying about events in your profile or in the profile of the people that you created.

The essential data that Human File Project needs to create your identity are: name, surname, sex, photo, date and place of birth. To participate in Human File Project, it is only and exclusively necessary your identity data in order to elaborate Free Humanity File.

Human File Project allows you to provide more identity data in order to offer a full image of yourself. The data that Human File Project lets you provide voluntarily are: place of residence, job, e-mail address, phone number, personal website and a personal message. Besides, Human File Project offers you the possibility to provide links and personal addresses of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, YouTube and Instagram.

Anyone who participates in Human File Project could see your Human File, all the data that you have included in it. All data won't be visible when you drop out from Human File Project.

LLike someone who participates in Human File Project, anyone who doesn’t participate in Human File Project, could see your Human File, all the data that you have included in it. All data won't be visible when you drop out from Human File Project.

No. No, it isn't.
In any case, Human File Project uses your data for something that isn't statistical or to elaborate the Humanity File. It never includes, modifies or complements your data. These actions are done by the users voluntarily. Neither does it cede, sell or share data with third person in order to obtain marketing or advertisement benefits. Human File Project elaborates general statistics and apps to service all the participants with all the data provided, as well as a searcher of participants. In Human File Project, the following laws: Organic Law 15/1999, from 13th of December, about Protection Data of personal character; Organic Law 34/2002, from 11th of July, about services of Information Society and Commercial electronics, regulate it at all times.

HUMAN FILE PROJECT is a creation founded/developed in Madrid by “Ideas Caldocardo".