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In order to participate, click in at any time, the button REGISTER! that appears in the lower right side of the Menu.

You can register a Deceased Person while registering, through the Sub-Menu 'Deceased Person Management' under the Menu 'My Human File'.

The basic rules and pre-requisites established by the Human File Project to register a deceased person are:
- There has to be some type of personal relationship or friendship between the deceased person and the administrator of the deceased person.
- The person must be dead before the registration of his personal identification data.
- Any registered person can register as much number of deceased persons as he likes.
- The user that registers the deceased person automatically becomes the Administrator of the same and is responsible for
all the data introduced and for having obtained andsecured all necessary family and legal authorizations required
- All data introduced must be trues.
Neither false or fictitious identities are not allowed to be registered, nor to duplicate or supplant identities. Human File Project will not verify
the veracity and authenticity of the data provided in an individual manner. It will only verify to conform with the required formats.
- It must be verified at first that the Deceased Person has not been registered by another user of Human File Project, in order to avoid duplicity
and grant veracity and accuracy to the Project.
- It is not obligatory although recommendable, to attach a photo of the Deceased Person because such photo might not exist or there isn't any.

Any person who, having died before the registration of his details, has a form of family relationship or friendship, and who has not been registered to Human File Project by another user. The user that registers the deceased person automatically becomes the Administrator of the same and is responsible for all the data introduced and for having obtained and counted on all necessary family and legal authorizations required.

- Through the 'Basic Search' and 'Advanced Search' that Human File Project has available to all its users under the 'Search' Menu.
- Human File Project recommends that several searches must be done before introducing individually each information of the person
who is to be registered thus confirming in this manner, if it is already registered in the Project.
- Please be reminded that if you find out that a person is already registered by another user, you must not continue with the process to avoid

Yes, although it should not be.
To avoid duplicity of deaceased persons, Human File Project has established a fundamental norm that, it is necessary to check first in the registry of the deaceased person that he has not been registered yet by another user of the Project.

Since Human File Project is in the development of its BETA version, it is not possible to authorize the registry and management of Historical Persons.

Human File Project is shown in the development process of its BETA version, therefore, it is not yet possible the accreditation to register historical persons. The historical persons that are actually incorporated in Human File Project had been registered and administered by the Team of the Project.

No. Human File Project has a registry and control of this type of registrations with the authorized persons to carry out the same.

Any person, user or not of Human File Project can consult who is the Administrator of a registered Deceased Person or Historical Person in their HF Card and in their Human File.

Human File Project does not check the veracity and authenticity of the details provided individually. It only checks if they match with the required formats. Human File Project is a collaborative project and trusts that the persons who participate are doing it truthfully and responsibly with the sole objective to devise a Free File of all Human Beings.

By introducing the name in the 'Basic Search' that in Human File Project is freely available to all people or through the 'Advanced Search' which is only available for the participants of the Project.

You can only obtain information to contact with someone if that person has voluntarily provided his details for such a search. To be a part of Human File Project, it is only obligatory to provide the identification details and not the contact details. Please remember that Human File Project is not a social network. The objective is not to establish contact between two participants.

Through the Human File that each user has in Human File Project, you can obtain information of the personal identification and voluntary information in each case.

Yes. Human File Project requests from all users to indicate their email addresses to verify that that address does not belong to anyone else and will become your username in order to start session as a registrant in the web. In that email address, you will receive an email from Human File Project so you can confirm and finalize the registration process in Human File Project. You will only receive emails from Human File Project with notices on incidents related to your user account or the accounts that you manage (or administer). Human File Project will neither send massive and undesired emails nor get in touch with you other than if strictly necessary.

Because one of the fundamental objectives of Human File Project is to PUT A FACE TO THE HUMANITY. The photo is a basic characteristic and UNREPEATABLE that will help to identify each individual within a group, thus avoiding to be simply just a number or part of a statistics

The characteristics that a user's photo should have are:
- should be a photo of your face, like the ID or passport photo, preferably on a background without other elements or a plain background.
- must be clear and defined without names, telephone numbers or addresses of any type.
- should be between 150 x 200 pixels and must not be over 2 MB.
- must be in jpg, gif or png format.

Any photo that does not meet these characteristics will be eliminated.
Click on the link for more information on the Policy for the publication of photographs.

Through the application in the 'User Management' section, and all your personal information will cease to become visible.

To participate again in Human File Project, you only have to start again the session, clicking 'Log in', introducing your email and password in the Access Panel. Remember that for the benefit of veracity and accuracy of the Project, it is only allowed to register once, therefore, you must not register again.

Once you have found the other person that you want to add to your 'Card Index', click on the '+' button that appears on the right side of the HF Card or by clicking the button 'ADD TO CARD INDEX' that appears under your Human File when you are logged in.

You can remove any person that you have in your Card Index by clicking the button '-' that appears on the right side of your HF Card in your 'Card Index'

If you detect that a card stored in your 'Card Index' has disappeared which you have not eliminated, it must be probably that that person has unsubscribed to the Project or has been disabled because an incident has been detected in the user's account. When that incident is solved or the person returns to participate in the Project, he will be included again to your Card Index.

You can modify your data by clicking on the button 'Modify' in 'My Human File', found in the 'My Human File' Menu.

You can modify your web user's details by clicking the button 'Modify' in the 'User Management' Menu under the 'My Human File' Menu. Remember that in Human File Project, you can only modify your password; your user name (email) will always be the same and it is what you used when you registered.

Your personal password to access must be different from your username and should comprise of between 8 to 16 characters, combining letters and numbers without any space nor special characters. You must create a password that is easy to remember but that others cannot figure out. For major security reasons, your password in Human File Project must be different from the passwords that you use to start a session in other accounts like your email or your bank account. Remember that you must not share your password to anyone.

In the access box that appears when you click 'Log in' or on the pages where you are supposed to be registered in order to access, there appears a button with wordings, 'REMEMBER PASSWORD', click the button and follow instructions.

- Check that the email is not found in the spam tray of your email.
- Click again the 'REMEMBER PASSWORD' and repeat the process.
- Add the email address humanfile@humanfileproject.com to your list of secured senders and click again the 'REMEMBER PASSWORD' to repeat the process.
- If you continue not receiving the email after asking us to remember your password, wait for 24 hours and try again.
- If you still do not receive the email to remember your password after trying the above, contact your internet server to ensure that they are not blocking the messages coming from Human File Project

In order to complete the registration process, Human File Project will send you an email. This way, we will be assured that the email address provided as username, exists and it belongs to you. To confirm and terminate the registration process, it is enough to click on the link provided in the email. You will have 3 days to verify your account and complete the registration process. After this due date, you will have to start from the beginning in order to register.

If you registered into Human File Project, we will send you a registration confirmation email to the email address you used to register. In that message, there is a link that you need to click to confirm your account and identity, thus completing your registration process.
If you did not receive the confirmation email on registration, try the following procedures to verify:
- Check that the email is not found in the spam tray of your email.
- If you continue not receiving the email after 24 hours of registration, try again.
- Add the email address humanfile@humanfileproject.com to your list of secured senders and repeat again the process.
- If you still do not receive the email to complete your registration after trying all of the above, contact your internet
server to ensure that they are not blocking the messages coming from Human File Project.
- If the problem continues after 48 hours of trying to register, please contact support@humanfileproject.com.

If you have problems to start session in your account with Human File Project, try the following recommendations:
- Write again your email address making sure that it is written correctly.
- Verify in which email address we sent the registration confirmation email into Human File Project.
- Change your access password to Human File Project by clicking the button, 'REMEMBER PASSWORD'.
- If the problem persists after 48 hours since intents to start a session, contact support@humanfileproject.com.

Surely, someone must have tried registering into Human File Project using your email address by mistake. The completion of the registration is not finalized until the link in the email confirmation is clicked. Therefore, it is more recommendable and simple to ignore or delete the email.

If there is an error message indicating that there is a user associated to your email addres and won't allow you to continue the processs of registration, try the following verifications:
- Write again your email address making sure that it is written correctly.
- Check that you have not previously registered into Human File Project.
- Check the messages in your email account.
- Click the 'REMEMBER PASSWORD' and type your email address so we can send the message.
- Try doing it again after 3 days.
- If the problem persists, contact support@humanfileproject.com
Remember that for the sake of veracity and accuracy of the Project, it is only allowed to register once. .

If your account is disabled, you will receive an email explaining the reasons and the manner to solve them. Take into account that there are various reasons for an account to be disabled and Human File Project deals with each one of these cases in different ways. With your account disabled, you CAN NOT start the session, manage your account and no one can consult your data. Once your account is activated a new, the rest of the participants again resumes access to your account. Make sure that you get in touch with us through user@humanfileproject.com in order to solve the problem

Human File Project will contact you exclusively through the email humanfile@humanfileproject.com

Check the return address of the message received: Human File Project uses exclusively the email humanfile@humanfileproject.com to get in touch with you.

In case you are affected by the information provided by another participant of the Project, get in touch with Human File Project by sending an email to user@humanfileproject.com. After examining the case, Human File Project will give you the answer in the shortest time possible.

- For ideas, suggestions or general contact concerning the web or Human File Project, send an email to ideas@humanfileproject.com.
- To notify an error, computer incident of the web, write an email to support@humanfileproject.com.
- To report a profile or identity thefts, send an email to user@humanfileproject.com.
Human File Project will reply in the shortest time possible.

HUMAN FILE PROJECT is a creation founded/developed in Madrid by “Ideas Caldocardo".