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Human File Project Human File Project Human File Project
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Because we can construct the File of ALL THE PEOPLE who have lived, who are living and who will inhabit our planet, creating
a major and unique UNIVERSAL HUMAN ENCYCLOPEDIA of ALL human beings.

Because with your participation you help to put a face to a major group of people who could ever exist: HUMANITY.

Because you can leave testimony of your existence just because you exist, regardless of your successes and personal or
professional merits.

Because you can leave an evidence of your relative's existence and friends who couldn't do it.
Because you can search and find other participants that exist or existed, consult their data and their personal messages.

Because only it's necessary to put your basic data that defines you: name, surname, sex, photo, date and place of birth.
In Human File Project your private data is not important.

Because you can check data and statistics related to the people who exist and have existed throughout the planet
and at all times.

Because you can use personalized apps.

Because you can drop out whenever you want without showing your data.

..Because your name might travel in a space probe beyond the solar system, part of an interstellar message.

If you still not part of Human Project File, participates and Sign up.
HUMAN FILE PROJECT is a creation founded/developed in Madrid by “Ideas Caldocardo".